Instruments and Amplifiers


Ampeg SVT4Pro bass amp w. 4x10 Ampeg cabinet

Ampeg Gemini I 20-watt guitar combo amp w. 12" speaker

Vox AC-30 CC2 2 x 12" combo amp

Marshall JCM800 MKII Lead 50-watt head

Big Crunch 50-watt head (late 70's Hiwatt DR502 clone)

Orange 4 X 12 cabinet w. vintage Celestions

Custom-built slant 4 x 12 cabinet w. Celestion greenbacks

Late 60’s Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab, all original

Square Amps 15-watt recording amp

Fender Vibrolux with "blackface" mod by Big Crunch

Gibson Saturn with Big Crunch mod

Vox Cambridge 15-watt practice amp w. 10" Celestion speaker

Assorted other custom guitar and bass amps designed and built by Big Crunch


Drums: 1969 Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl "Ringo Starr" kit 22/16/13/12

1980's Yamaha Power Tour Custom kit 22/16/13/12

Assorted Ludwig maple toms 18/15/12

80's Slingerland maple kit 20/14/12

Pearl 24" maple kick drum

Ludwig 24" marching tympani

Legend maple snare 7 x 14

Fibes acrylic snare 5.5 x 14

Yamaha "Manu Katche" brass snare 6.5 x 14

Sabian AAX 14" and Paiste Sound Edge 15" hi-hats

Assorted tambourines, shakers, etc


Stompboxes: Line 6 DL-4 delay modeler, Line 6 Filter modeler, Line 6 modulation modeler, Smart People Factory Red Threat fuzz/distortion, Smart People Factory Green Line distortion, Smart People Factory Ego Boost, ElectroHarmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Bluebeard fuzz/distortion, Marshall Shredmaster pre-amp/distortion, MXR Distortion Plus, MXR Phase 90, Boss Tremolo, Boss Pitch/delay, Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork, etc etc and so forth


Guitars: Schecter Spitfire w. Duncan Jeff Beck pickups & coil tap, Schecter tele w. Duncan Jeff Beck pickups & coil tap, Fender Jazzmaster 65 American reissue, Taylor 110 acoustic, Dan Electro Baritone, Gretsch Bajo Sexto Bass Baritone, Hoyer acoustic, Fender 2000 American Jazz Bass, Squire Jazz Bass (early 80's Japanese) w. Bartolini pickups & brass nut, Oscar Schmidt "Delta King" hollow body electric, Epiphone Dot hollow body electric, many others by inquiry


Keyboards: 1900 Steinway Upright Grand, Hammond M100, Lowrey electric organ, Kustom 88 electric piano, Nord Electro "vintage keys" modeling keyboard, Roland JX-3P (no controller though), some cheap-ass garage sale organ with a built-in rhythm machine that's pretty cool, Micro-Korg, Leslie 225 speaker cabinet with Speakeasy passive controller, Jason Dove's sweet Pianola player piano


AND last but not least a working hand-cranked Victrola circa 1907 with loads of Caruso 78's