Recording, Mixing, Monitoring

Recorders: Otari MTR-90 2" analog tape recorder. 16-track and 24-track options.
ProTools 11, Reaper, 24 channels I/O via Universal Audio Apollo 16, Apollo 8, and Apogee Rosetta 200 running on a 2015 iMac. Lots of plug-ins by UA, Waves, Slate, etc.
MCI JH-110 1/2" analog 2-track recorder
Console: MCI JH-416 24-channel mixer (1973) with power supplies, master and monitor sections rebuilt in 2005 by Bob Alach / Alactronics
6x2 Big Crunch custom passive summing mixer
Monitoring: Dynaudio BM6A MKII powered monitors
Yamaha NS-10 powered by Crown power amp
Oz Audio cue mix station
various headphones



Geoffrey Daking 91579 compressor/limiters (x2)
Distressor EL-8X w. British mod (x2)
UA 1176 LN
Valley People Dynamite stereo compressor/limiter/gate
Drawmer DL241 stereo compressor/limiter/gate
ART Pro VLA stereo compressor/limiter

Outboard Mic Pre/EQ:

API 3124 4-channel mic pre
Vintech 273 dual mic pre
Geoffrey Daking 55270B mic pre/EQ
True Systems Precision 8 mic pre
UA 2-610 mic pre/EQ
UA 2108 dual mic pre
Sytek MPX-4A mic pre (Burr-Brown chip)
TL Audio Tube Channel


AKG C-12VR tube condenser
AKG 414 TL II condenser (2)
Chameleon Labs TS-1 small diaphragm tube condenser (3)
AT 4033 condenser
AT 4047 condenser
AT 4050 condenser
Neumann M-147 tube condenser
Charter Oak SA538 large diaphragm tube condenser
Royer R-121 ribbon (2)
Beyer M500 ribbon with Stephen Sank RCA ribbon mod (2)
Cascade Fathead ribbon w. Lundahl Transformer
Beyer M88 dynamic (2)
Beyer M201 dynamic
Shure Beta 98 condenser (4)
Shure KSM-141 condenser (1)
Shure SM 57 dynamic (4)
Shure SM 58 dynamic (2)
Shure Green Bullet
Sennheiser 609 dynamic
Sennheiser 441 dynamic
Crown PZM-30 (2)
Sennheiser shotgun

EV RE-320 dynamic
EV RE15 dynamic omni
CAD E-350 condenser (2)
CAD E-100S condenser
Oktava ML-52 ribbon w. Michael Joly mod
12-Gauge Red condenser
12-Gauge Blue condenser
assorted crystal mics