The Studio

The Magpie Cage is the recording studio of producer/engineer J. Robbins. Located on the edge of Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood (a lively and picturesque historic area that includes some great restaurants and bars), walking distance from Penn Station and an easy drive from I-95 and I-83, the studio features a spacious, open-sounding sunlit live room with wooden floors and high ceilings, and ancillary recording spaces with a wide range of cool sonic character. In the 1990’s this space was home to Oz Recording Studio, where bands such as Shudder to Think, Girls Against Boys, Texas is the Reason, and many others made records of enduring appeal and influence. Producer/engineer J. Robbins’ life-long love of recording really blossomed in this space when his band Jawbox recorded their Atlantic Records debut "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" here in 1992, and his career as a producer began here as well in 1994 with Texas is the Reason’s seminal album “Do You Know Who You Are,” so in 2012 it was with great joy that he seized the opportunity to make it the new home of the Magpie Cage. Since then artists as creative and diverse as Clutch, Lemuria, Roomrunner, the Dismemberment Plan, War on Women, Coliseum, Pentagram, All Eyes West, Black Anvil, Tiny Moving Parts, Self Defense Family, The Sword, Black Clouds, Boister, Andy Bopp, Have Mercy, Franz Nicolay, and even Texas is the Reason (returning to record two previously unreleased tracks for inclusion on the re-release of DYKWYA) have done some of their best creative work in this room, adding to a studio and producer discography that also includes great records by Against Me!, Murder by Death, The Sword, Jimmy Eat World, Forgetters, Dope Body, Lionize, Braid, Ponytail, Pilot to Gunner, Paint it Black, The Promise Ring, and many more.
The studio building also houses Big Crunch, Baltimore’s best musical instrument and equipment repair shop and makers of fine custom amplifiers, and licensed luthier James Healy’s Old Town Lutherie. As of October 2017, the studio is pleased to welcome Sean Mercer (Teen Suicide, Us and Us Only, Lauren Ruth Ward, Yo No Say) to our list of staff engineers.

Staff engineers:

J. Robbins blog at

Sean Mercer (Teen Suicide, Us and Us Only, Lauren Ruth Ward, Yo No Say, Mobtown Studios)

Matt Redenbo (Eyelet, Channels, J. Robbins)

Brooks Harlan (War on Women, Office of Future Plans)

Branden Funkhouser (Dot Dash, Holy Fingers, H.R. [Bad Brains])

The studio is also available to trustworthy and qualified independent recording engineers - feel free to inquire.


For your mastering needs, we highly recommend Sun Room Audio.