Instruments and Amplifiers


Ampeg SVT4Pro bass amp w. 4x10 Ampeg cabinet

Ampeg Gemini I 20-watt guitar combo amp w. 12" speaker

Vox AC-30 CC2 2 x 12" combo amp

Marshall JCM800 MKII Lead 50-watt head

Big Crunch 50-watt head (late 70's Hiwatt DR502 clone)

Orange 4 X 12 cabinet w. vintage Celestions

Custom-built slant 4 x 12 cabinet w. Celestion greenbacks

Late 60’s Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab, all original

Square Amps 15-watt recording amp

Fender Vibrolux with "blackface" mod by Big Crunch

Gibson Saturn with Big Crunch mod

Vox Cambridge 15-watt practice amp w. 10" Celestion speaker

Assorted other custom guitar and bass amps designed and built by Big Crunch


Drums: 1969 Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl "Ringo Starr" kit 22/16/13/12

1980's Yamaha Power Tour Custom kit 22/16/13/12

Assorted Ludwig maple toms 18/15/12

80's Slingerland maple kit 20/14/12

Pearl 24" maple kick drum

Ludwig 24" marching tympani

Legend maple snare 7 x 14

Fibes acrylic snare 5.5 x 14

Yamaha "Manu Katche" brass snare 6.5 x 14

Sabian AAX 14" and Paiste Sound Edge 15" hi-hats

Assorted tambourines, shakers, etc


Stompboxes: Line 6 DL-4 delay modeler, Line 6 Filter modeler, Line 6 modulation modeler, Smart People Factory Red Threat fuzz/distortion, Smart People Factory Green Line distortion, Smart People Factory Ego Boost, ElectroHarmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Bluebeard fuzz/distortion, Marshall Shredmaster pre-amp/distortion, MXR Distortion Plus, MXR Phase 90, Boss Tremolo, Boss Pitch/delay, Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork, etc etc and so forth


Guitars: Schecter Spitfire w. Duncan Jeff Beck pickups & coil tap, Schecter tele w. Duncan Jeff Beck pickups & coil tap, Fender Jazzmaster 65 American reissue, Taylor 110 acoustic, Dan Electro Baritone, Gretsch Bajo Sexto Bass Baritone, Hoyer acoustic, Squire Jazz Bass (early 80's Japanese) w. Bartolini pickups & brass nut, Oscar Schmidt "Delta King" hollow body electric, Epiphone Dot hollow body electric


Keyboards: Hammond M100, Lowrey electric organ, Kustom 88 electric piano, Nord Electro "vintage keys" modeling keyboard, Roland JX-3P (no controller though), some cheap-ass garage sale organ with a built-in rhythm machine that's pretty cool, Micro-Korg, Leslie 225 speaker cabinet with Speakeasy passive controller, Jason Dove's sweet Pianola player piano


AND last but not least a working hand-cranked Victrola circa 1907 with loads of Caruso 78's